TN Employment for Canadian and Mexican Citizens

An alternative to the H-1B category, the TN category allows employment of Canadian or Mexican nationals into most jobs offered at Georgia State requiring at least a bachelor’s degree. As part of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), this category allows for employment with less paperwork than the H-1B category.

Only certain occupations qualify under the TN category, so please complete the requested forms below and send to ISSS for approval:


After receiving the TN Data Sheet a Scholar Advisor in ISSS will review it and then prepare a draft letter to be sent to your department. The Business Manager or Department Chair for the requesting department will complete the letter and send it, along with any supporting documents, to the newly hired employee. The employee will present these documents at the U.S. border in order to obtain entry as a TN.


Not all positions at the University qualify for TN sponsorship since only certain employment categories are allowed to use this category. If your position does not qualify a Scholar Advisor in ISSS can assist you in discussing other immigration options.