Permanent Residency Application Packets

The hiring department’s first step is to work with the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office to decide which type of employment-based petition works best for the position. ISSS will look at the nature of the position as well as the petitioner’s qualifications to decide the appropriate path.

Faculty Petitions: The EB-2, Special Handling category is the most efficient route and is designed for full-time, permanent teaching positions. This is the most common category GSU uses.

The EB-1 category is for Outstanding Researchers or Professors who have three years of post-Ph.D. experience and are internationally recognized in his or her academic field. This is a faster category because it does not require Labor Certification, but the threshold for the petitioner’s qualifications is extremely high.

Researcher and Staff Petitions:The EB-2, standard recruitment category is an option available to researchers and classified staff that have worked at Georgia State University for two years and work in a position that requires a Master’s degree or higher. This is a complex, expensive and time consuming category and is rarely used at Georgia State. A more detailed comparison of employment-based categories and their requirements is explained here.

Once a category has been chosen the department must first complete and submit the Permanent Residency Intake Form (PDF) along with one of the packets listed below.

To help guide the hiring department through the permanent residency process, ISSS has prepared packets that include checklists and detailed time lines for each step. Please note the processing times for each step: ISSS will not need items from the checklist for later steps until the earlier ones are completed.

**Checks will NOT be needed upon submission of initial documents.  We will send instructions for those at a later date.  Please do not request them through PantherMart.**

EB-2, Special Handling (full-time, permanent faculty) (PDF)

EB-1, Outstanding Researcher Professor (internationally acclaimed, full-time, permanent faculty) (PDF)

EB-2, Standard Recruitment (researcher or staff positions requiring a minimum of a Master’s degree) (PDF)