Panthers Abroad Learning Society (PALS)

Georgia State University’s International Student and Scholar Services and Study Abroad Programs, two branches of the Office of International Initiatives, seek to provide domestic and international students the opportunity to engage in cross-cultural exchange through the Panthers Abroad Learning Society (PALS). The PALS program aims to bring students together that may not have otherwise met by offering first-hand experience to become enriched in another culture while educating their PALS partner on their own culture. Students can expect to strengthen their intercultural awareness and communication skills by participating in PALS. Although the PALS program is open to all Georgia State University students, this program is highly recommended to all international students, and those domestic students who have traveled abroad, plan to travel abroad in the near future or are engaged in an academic major with an international component. Five suggested components in order to successfully complete the PALS program.
The suggested components are as follows:
1. Meet with your PALS partner at least 5 times a semester.2. Participate in at least 2 shared meals with one another. One meal should be from each other’s home country. This meal can be homemade or from a restaurant.

3. Attend at least 1 GSU event together. This can be an athletic event, student organization event, etc.

4. Participate in a community service project together (coordinated through the Office of Civic Engagement).

5. Submit final evaluation form.

Submit completed PALS Application to International Student and Scholar Services in Sparks Hall room 252 or email it to Brittany Palmer at