Employment Authorization & Social Security Number

F-1 international students are eligible for on-campus employment, and may be eligible for certain off-campus opportunities including practical training and need-based work authorization.  IMPORTANT: International students should never accept or engage in off-campus employment without prior authorization from ISSS! International students should not plan to meet their educational or personal living expenses through employment earnings.  As an F-1 or J-1 student, you were required to demonstrate sufficient financial resources to cover these expenses.  ISSS holds employment workshops throughout the semester for students interested in off-campus employment authorization. You may review our Spring 2014 in-person employment workshop schedule or complete a workshop online. (CPT online workshop here; OPT online workshop here.)  For more information about F-1 employment authorizations and obtaining a Social Security number please see the following pages:

If you are currently on post-completion OPT, click here to report your OPT employment and address information.