Financial & Tax Assistance

Financial Assistance
International students who are currently enrolled and have financial concerns should speak with an ISSS advisor about possible options for off-campus work authorization due to economic hardship. The University also offers limited assistance for need-based, out-of-state tuition waivers for those who qualify. Please see the links to the left for more information.

US Income Tax Assistance
Filing U.S. federal tax forms each Spring is required for all F-1 and J-1 students. Even if you did not work or have taxable US income, there is still 1 tax form called Form 8843 that ALL international students must complete and mail to the (Internal Revenue Service, or IRS), which is the US tax agency. Form 8843 does not mean you owe taxes; rather this form reports the number of days you were present in the US for tax status purposes.

International students who had income through OPT, CPT, on campus employment or taxable scholarships are required to complete a full tax return. Filing a federal tax return is the only way to obtain a tax refund.  ISSS provides free access to special software called Glacier Tax Prep (GTP) to assist you to prepare your federal tax forms. A different software called Sprintax will assist you to prepare your State of Georgia tax forms, if applicable.

Please see the links to the left for more information.