Extending Your DS-2019

J-1 students cannot maintain legal status if their DS-2019 form expires (see maintaining status). It is your responsibility to be familiar with the information on your DS-2019, including the expiration date.  If your DS-2019 will expire before the date when you expect to complete your program of study or academic objective, then you should apply for an extension. Please keep in mind that your DS-2019 can only be extended before it expires. Please review the complete Extension of J-1 Program Policy prior to applying for an extension and meeting with an advisor.
How can I apply for a DS-2019 Extension?

You will need the following:

  • Have your academic advisor (degree seeking only) or program coordinator (non-degree seeking only) complete our DS-2019 Extension Request Form the same semester your DS-2019 expires, at least 5 days before the expiration date. If possible, you should submit your request at least 1 month before the expiration date.
  • Submit current financial documents that prove you have enough funds to continue your studies at GSU for at least one year

The amount of financial support you need in order to receive a DS-2019 is subject to increase every year. Make sure you review our estimated costs of attendance to figure out how much you will need. Feel free to contact ISSS should you have any questions.

IMPORTANT!!!! Please note that submitting the form and financial documents does not guarantee that the extension will be granted. There must be compelling academic or medical reasons in order to be eligible for an extension—poor academic performance is not a compelling academic reason.

An ISSS advisor will review your application and discuss with you their decision.

If you are not eligible for an extension you will unfortunately not be able to continue your J-1 status at Georgia State University. If that is the case, an advisor in ISSS will meet with you to discuss your options.