Grace Periods

Grace periods are periods of time that are given to you in order to take care of certain events, such as departing the U.S., starting a new program after Academic Training, or changing to another visa status.  Not being mindful of these grace periods could cause you to fall out of status (see maintaining status).
Students cannot travel internationally (including cruises) and re-enter in J-1 status during their grace period. If you have questions about travel during your grace period see an ISSS advisor.
After completing your program objective or program of study:
If you are a J-1 student and have completed your program objective, you have 30 days to leave the United States or change to another visa status.  Note that this does NOT apply if you do not complete your program objective; if you leave without completing your program objective, you do not receive a grace period.

After withdrawing from classes:

Please talk to a J-1 student advisor in ISSS if you have questions about withdrawing from classes.

If you withdraw from classes without previous authorization from ISSS, you have no grace period and must depart the U.S. immediately.

After Academic Training:

After your J-1 Academic Training expires, you have 30 days to leave the United States or apply for a change of status.

Transfer students:

J-1 students who wish to transfer from Georgia State to another program sponsor must consult with the International Student office at both schools.  The deadline for J-1 students to transfer is the program completion date or the end of Academic Training, whichever is earlier.  J-1 students cannot transfer during the 30-day grace period.