6/26/17 Update: Online Resources Related to Executive Order

Posted On March 6, 2017
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In a June 26, 2017 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court partially granted the government’s request to stay (to stop) the preliminary injunctions (a court order) on the 90-day travel ban. The decision today to allow the 90 day ban goes into effect 72 hours (3 days) from 6/26/2017.

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The revised Executive Order places travel and immigration limits for the following six countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. However, according to the terms of the Executive Order, it only applies to nationals of these six nations who do not hold visas as of the effective date of the order, March 16, 2017. Those who hold current visas, including our students and faculty using visas to study and teach here regardless of nationality, are not impacted, and their visas remain valid under the new order.  The links below have been updated as well.

Message from the University System of Georgia 

Georgia State University shares the University System of Georgia (USG) unwavering commitment to our international students and faculty. 

The USG greatly values the contributions of our international students, faculty and staff. International education, research and collaboration enrich our academic culture, benefitting students, faculty and staff throughout our 28 institutions across our University System. It is important that we continue to remain in close communication as new information and direction becomes available about policy changes impacting international travel and visa holders.



A U.S. District Judge issued a temporary restraining order (TRO). The ruling prohibits enforcement of the U.S. government’s Executive Order 13769 on 1/27/2017, which bans U.S. entry for immigrants and non-immigrants from certain countries. The U.S. Department of State’s summary of this action is below:


1/ 27/2017:
The U.S. President signed Executive Order 13769 under which entry into the United States of “immigrants and nonimmigrants” from at least 7 countries has been suspended for 90 days from the date the Executive Order was signed, with a few exceptions.

 Additional information and online resources: 

  • Know Your Rights at the Port of Entry: The American Civil Liberties Union publishes a helpful pamphlet called “Know Your Rights,” which contains information about your rights in case you come into contact with law enforcement at the airport or other ports of entry to the U.S. We encourage you to review this information, especially before international travel into the U.S. It contains useful questions and answers, and a list of other resources and referral contacts should you ever need them.