6/27/2018 Update to U.S. Travel Ban – Statement from the University System of Georgia

Posted On September 26, 2017
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Updated June 27, 2018

Please see the message below from the University System of Georgia’s Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s travel ban decision on 6/26/2018.

Dear Colleagues: 


As you know, today the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling upholding the President’s authority to impose entry restrictions into the United States for foreign nationals of certain countries.


The Department of Homeland Security is the lead federal agency charged with implementing this authority and as details become clearer regarding its implementation we will share that information as quickly and broadly as possible to our institutions.


We encourage students, faculty and staff who are foreign nationals of one of the affected countries to continue to closely monitor information as it becomes available as to how the ruling applies to them. In addition, we strongly encourage them to reach out to their campus office of international education should they have questions, particularly about any planned international travel.

Thank you,

Edward M. Tate

Vice Chancellor of Legal Affairs

University System of Georgia


Updated December 5, 2017

The University System of Georgia greatly values the contributions of our international students, faculty and staff. International education, research and collaboration enrich our academic culture, benefiting students, faculty and staff throughout our 28 institutions across our University System. It is important that we continue to remain in close communication as new information and direction becomes available about policy changes impacting international travel and visa holders.

On September 24, 2017, President Trump issued a presidential proclamation which immediately extends the travel restrictions that were originally enacted in March, 2017 for citizens from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen and creates new restrictions for citizens from Chad, North Korea and Venezuela, effective October 18, 2017.

A preliminary injunction formerly ordered by U.S. District Courts in Hawaii and Maryland is no longer in effect, and as of December 4, 2017 the restrictions for the 8 countries listed above are now fully enforced. The restrictions, which vary according to country, can be reviewed here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/09/24/fact-sheet-proclamation-enhancing-vetting-capabilities-and-processes . Additionally, the Department of State has provided an alert regarding the proclamation as well as a fact sheet  https://www.dhs.gov/news/2017/09/24/fact-sheet-president-s-proclamation-enhancing-vetting-capabilities-and-processes .

Citizens of the eight affected countries that were inside the U.S. and already issued a visa OR were a U.S. permanent resident as of September 24, 2017 are not impacted and their visas and green cards remain valid.

We encourage students, faculty or staff from the affected countries to closely read the proclamation as it applies to their country of citizenship and reach out to their campus office of international education should they have questions.

As the order is implemented, the USG Office of International Education will coordinate closely with the international education offices across the system and share new information and guidance as it becomes available.

Thank you,

Dr. Steve Wrigley

Chancellor, University System of Georgia