Spring 2021 SEVP Enrollment Guidance

Posted On January 5, 2021
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We received information confirming that spring 2021 enrollment guidelines for international students will be the same as fall 2020.


Although this document is outdated, you may refer to the fall 2020 SEVP Guidance as a reference.


Please follow these general guidelines for spring 2021 registration:


1.Continuing students are defined as F-1 students who were enrolled in Fall 2020 (including U.S. transfer students and GSU students changing their degree level in spring):

a. Allowed to enroll in 100% online/blended coursework.

b. Must continue to be enrolled full time.

c. Can re-enter the U.S. for spring 2021 and pursue 100% online coursework if they departed in fall 2020


2. Newly Admitted Students Outside the U.S. are defined as students who were not enrolled in the U.S. in Fall 2020:

a. Can enter the U.S. for Spring 2021 if at least one course for credit is face-to-face, or blended.

b. If coursework is only offered 100% online, newly admitted students outside the U.S. would need to either enroll remotely or defer their admission to a later term


Please note:     You can confirm the type of instruction for each of your classes in PAWS. Under the title of the course, there will be an icon that indicates if the instructional method is F (Face to face), B (Blended), or O (Online).


Please consult with the ISSS office if you are uncertain about your enrollment requirements.



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