Electronic Forms

Most PDF/paper forms below are being converted to electronic or e-forms. You can access them through iStart, the new international data management software. After the PDF form has been removed from this list, paper forms will no longer be accepted.

Log-in to iStart to submit the form you need or request other services. The e-form will be electronically submitted to ISSS for processing, and you will received a confirmation in your Georgia State email.

How To Use iStart

All first-time iStart users who are international students are also asked to watch the tutorial and register their Panther ID in iStart to access to program.

To view the forms that are in PDF format, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

F-1 Student Forms

  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT) – Please register and log in to iStart to request Curricular Practical Training.
  • Dependent Request for I-20 – Please register and log in to iStart to request the addition of a dependent I-20 for a spouse or child.
  • Duplicate or Update Request for I-20 – Please register and log in to iStart to request a duplicate or to update the primary F-1 form I-20.
  • Extension of I-20 Request – Please register and log in to iStart to request an extension of F-1 status in order to complete degree requirements
  • Extension of I-20 Financial Requirements – To help calculate how much financial information is required for an extension for F-1 degree-seeking students.
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) and OPT STEM Extension – Please register and log in to iStart to request initial OPT or OPT STEM extension, if eligible.
  • OPT & OPT STEM Employment Reporting – Please register and log in to iStart to provide required employment information.
  • OPT – My Responsibilities Effective Feb. 2015, all students approved for OPT will be required to read and sign this form before receiving their EAD (OPT) card.

J-1 Student Forms

Other Forms

  • Citizenship Hold Removal Request – To request review of immigration documents for removal of citizenship verification and international admission holds
  • Driver’s License – Information on applying for a State of Georgia driver’s license
  • Economic Hardship – Information about off-campus employment authorization due to unforeseen financial hardship
  • Invitation Letter – Sample for international students to use to invite family to visit them in the United States.  (NOTE: ISSS does not write this letter.)
  • Notice of Future Intentions – To be completed by students who are departing Georgia State University for any reason
  • Obtaining a Renewal Visa – Tips on how to obtain a renewal visa
  • Reduced Course Load Requests – Please register and log in to iStart to request F-1 or J-1 Reduced Course Load (RCL) authorization for medical or academic reasons.
  • Reinstatement – Information and link to form I-539 for students who have fallen out of status.
  • Request to Terminate F1 or J1 Status – This form is for students who have decided not to continue in F or J status while their USCIS Adjustment of Status is pending and want to update their university record with ISSS.
  • Social Security Employer Letter Sample – Sample letter for Georgia State University hiring departments to write for students
  • Social Security Number Letter Request – Please register and log in to iStart to request a letter from ISSS to support your SSN application
  • Sponsor Commitment Form – To be completed by students receiving financial support from a third-party sponsor
  • Travel Signature Request – Please register and log in to iStart to request travel clearance or an updated travel signature on your I-20 or DS-2019 by an authorized ISSS staff member (a DSO, PDSO, ARO or RO).
  • Verification of Lawful Presence Opt-Out Form