Hosting a J-1 Visitor Scholar for Academic Exchange

Planning to Host a J-1 Visiting Scholar?

Hosting a J-1 visiting scholar in your department for the purpose of research and/or teaching makes you a participant in the United States Department of State’s Exchange Visitor (EV) Program at Georgia State University (P-1-03559).

J-1 visiting scholars must already hold at least a master’s or doctorate degree in order to qualify for J-1 visa sponsorship in a scholar subcategory (Research Scholar, Professor, or Short-term Scholar). J-1 scholars engage in research, observation, consultation, and/or lecturing in connection with a research project or visiting appointment.

NOTE: Full-time study is NOT permitted for either the J-1 scholar or student-intern categories. Departments with questions about bringing J-1 exchange students for full-time study (either degree or non-degree seeking) should click here.

If you are interested in inviting a foreign undergraduate or master’s student (who is currently enrolled in a program of study at a postsecondary institution outside the U.S.) to engage in a structured research internship or work-based learning program that will fulfill an educational objective of the student’s program of study, the J-1 Student Intern subcategory may be appropriate.   Please contact Tim Edenfield ( for additional information and to verify eligibility before proceeding with a J-1 Student Intern request.

Departments who wish to host a J-1 visiting scholar or student intern must fully complete and submit the appropriate request forms AND all required supporting documents through iStart at least 2-3 months in advance of the visitor’s proposed start date at Georgia State. In addition, please note that our expected processing time for new scholar requests is 3-5 business days.

Please review the J-1 Scholar Request section for more information.  Please contact Tim Edenfield at if assistance in verifying eligibility is needed.