New / Transfer J-1 Scholar Request E-Form Access Guide


Step 1: Open the iStart website:


Step 2: Select Administrative Services for University Departments



Step 3: Login with your Campus ID



Step 4: Submit a Departmental Access Request under the Departmental Services tab



Step 5: Upon approval, you will see the Overview screen where you manage your visiting scholars


Step 6: Select Add New Person under the Departmental Services tab



Step 7: Once added, the new scholar will become visible under Departmental Services Overview


Step 8: After your scholar is added, expand the J-1 Scholar Services tab and select New/Transfer J-1 Scholar Request.  If you are submitting and H-1B or Permanent Residency request, expand the Departmental Services tab. You will be prompted to enter the scholar’s TEMPORARY ID and DATE OF BIRTH, available under Departmental Services Overview



Step 9: This will then open up a series of forms for completion.  Select either the appropriate request and proceed.  Completion of each e-form will unlock the subsequent form.