J-1 Student Intern Requests

Before proceeding with a request to invite a J‐1 Exchange Visitor in the Student Intern subcategory, departments should contact Drew Webster in International Student & Scholar Services to verify eligibility.

The purpose of the U.S. Department of State (DOS) Exchange Visitor program is to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries through educational and cultural exchanges. For additional information, visit the J-1 Intern page on the Department of State website.

The Student Intern program is a structured work‐based learning program defined by an individualized Training/Internship Placement Plan – TIPP (Form DS‐7002) which:

  • Reinforces and meets objectives and requirements of student’s academic study in his or her home country;
  • Recognizes the need for work‐based experience;
  • Provides on‐the‐job exposure to U.S. techniques, methodologies and expertise;
  • Enhances the student’s knowledge of U.S. culture and society; and
  • Permits an internship program between 3 weeks to 12 months. No extensions beyond 12 months are permitted.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be currently enrolled in and pursuing a degree at an accredited post-secondary academic institution outside the United States.
  • Be in good academic standing at his or her home institution outside the United States.
  • The U.S. internship must “fulfill the educational objectives for his or her current degree program at his or her home institution."
  • The participant must "return to his or her academic program outside the U.S. to fulfill and obtain a degree from such academic institution after completion of the student internship program."
  • Have sufficient finances to support himself or herself, and any dependents for the entire stay in the United States, including housing, health insurance, and living expenses.
  • Have sufficient English language skills to function on a day‐to‐day basis in the internship and cultural environment.
  • Be primarily in the United States for the student internship program rather than employment.
  • Not have participated in a student internship program for more than 12 months for each degree/major.

PLEASE NOTE: The J-1 exchange visitor request process has transitioned to an electronic format via our iStart platform.  You may review the details of iStart here.

The GSU host department should complete and submit the electronic forms at least 4-6 weeks in advance of the scholar's proposed stay.

In order to access the e-forms, you must first request departmental access.  We have created a step-by-step instructional guide on how to access the e-forms.

The process for request a J-1 Student Intern is broadly similar to that of other J-1 categories. You may find more information about specific e-forms here.

In addition to the e-forms in iStart, the department will also need to prepare the Training/Internship Placement Plan – TIPP (Form DS‐7002), found here. The completed form can be submitted to the J-1 Scholar Advisor by e-mail, as it is not currently part of the iStart process.

Hosting departments must also provide a concluding evaluation of all student interns prior to the end of the program. For internships of six months or longer, a midpoint evaluation must also be provided.

  • Be full‐time; i.e., consist of a minimum of 32 hours per week. Wages or other compensation is optional.
  • Consist of no more than 20 percent clerical work.
  • Exist solely to assist the student intern in achieving the objectives of his or her participation in a student internship program.
  • Consist of work‐based learning, rather than ordinary employment or unskilled labor.
  • Expose the participant to American techniques, methodologies, and technology, expand upon the participant's existing knowledge and skills, and not duplicate the student intern's prior experience.
  • Not involve in any way a staffing or employment agency.
  • Not be a position that involves unskilled or casual labor, child care or elder care, aviation, clinical work or work that provides patient care such as therapy, medicine, psychological counseling, nursing, dentistry, or social work. The internship must also not be in any position that could bring notoriety or disrepute to the program.
  • Not displace American workers (including full or part‐time, temporary or permanent).

Before proceeding with a request to invite a J‐1 Exchange Visitor in the Student Intern subcategory, please contact Drew Webster in International Student & Scholar Services to verify eligibility.