Support for International Exchange Agreements

J-1 Students: Exchange Agreement Support

The Office of International Initiatives (OII), serves as the secretariat and repository for International Cooperation Agreements and as such, is responsible for guiding these agreements through the approval, renewal and termination processes, and for maintaining the official searchable database. OII also develops and maintains the policy Guidelines and Procedures for International Cooperation Agreements. This document also contains examples of the three types of agreements, based upon the extent of cooperation, recommended by OII.   Program coordinators are asked to complete an Exchange Summary sheet that can be used by ISSS to help assist exchange students while they are here studying at Georgia State University.

To initiate an International Cooperation Agreement, contact Ms. Anna Tapfer (404-413-2552) in the Office of International Initiatives or the respective college international representative.

International Services works in collaboration with exchange program coordinators and admissions offices to issue incoming students their DS-2019 forms. The handouts and forms below assist in the process:

  • Exchange Summary - This form needs to be completed only once, when an exchange agreement is first initiated. It summarizes the agreement's specific administrative details, and assists ISSS to better advise students who have questions or concerns during the semester.
  • J-1 Exchange Student Admission - General handout for faculty & staff regarding the EV program, eligibility, visa issuance, 2-year home residency requirement, processing timelines, and insurance
  • J-1 Admission Process - Detailed flowchart showing the role of program coordinator, admissions specialists, and ISSS in the admission of J-1 exchange students
  • Exchange Program Estimated Expenses - Chart with detailed costs per program per semester
  • Exchange Student Application - This form should be completed by the exchange student and must be accompanied by original financial documents and a copy of the exchange visitor's passport ID page.
  • Exchange Program Information Form - This form should be completed by the Exchange Program Coordinator and submitted to ISSS with the Exchange Student Application.

For questions about this process, contact the International Admissions Coordinator in ISSS, Ms. Christy Brozowski at 404.413.2070.

Once exchange students have entered the United States, they are required to attend new international student orientation held the week prior to the start of classes. A J-1 Student Advisor in ISSS can be consulted for services provided to current J-1 students.