Faculty Advertisements and Recruitment Practices

The International Student and Scholar Services office (ISSS) and the Office of Opportunity Development (ODDEP) have worked together to set up faculty hiring requirements at Georgia State that mirror those required by the Department of Labor (DOL) for permanent residency sponsorship.

Advertisements must contain:

  • Name of the Employer and Location. Ex. “Georgia State University, Department Name, City/State”
  • Applicants must be directed to report or send resumes to a specific online, e-mail, or physical address.
  • Please list the job title.  You can advertise multiple positions on the same ad IF the multiple job titles are listed.
  • The ad must explicitly state “teaching” as part of the job duties.
  • Job Qualifications
    • The advertisement must state earned terminal degree or professional credentials in a specific field or indicate a list of acceptable fields. If ABD is acceptable, it must state so in the ad as well as indicate a completion date.
    • The advertisement must state minimum experience qualifications. “Preferred” qualifications MUST be met in order to show the hire was the “most qualified” candidate.
    • The regulation does not require employers to run advertisements enumerating every job duty, requirement, and condition of employment. As long as the employer can demonstrate a true representation of the position listed and the advert, then that is most important. (Aka you need to be able to see that, in general, the requirements have been met)
  • Please do not use “pointer ads” that do not have the above information in them. The information must be in the actual advertisement located in the national, professional journal. Any other recruitment activity may take the form of pointer ads.

Placement of the Advertisement: You only need to use one of the below methods (online or print). You can post the position in more than one place (and you are encouraged to do so), but you must have at least one ad posted either online or in print that meets the following requirements:

  • Online Ad- Preferred Method
    • Online ad must be in national professional journal for 30 calendar days, minimum. To be safe, do not count the days it was posted or taken down as part of the 30 days.
    • Journal must have other employment advertisements
    • It must be an actual journal. Advertising on sites such as higheredjobs.com does not meet the requirements.
    • Print out of the webpage containing the ad on the first day of publication and the last date of publication and/or an invoice with the dates of publication.
    • Must indicate the name of the online journal and web address.
  • Print Ad
    • In a national, professional journal
    • Journal must have other employment advertisements
    • It must be an actual journal, not a compilation of job postings
    • Submit the original copy or the tear sheet
    • Must indicate the name of the journal and dates of publication

Recruitment Report: The hiring committee’s report must directly address specific requirements for the job. ISSS will review the committee’s findings and help draft the recruitment report for the department to approve and sign.

Please click here for examples/templates for foreign faculty hire advertisements

FAQ on Journals and Advertisements for Faculty Recruitment

A national professional journal is one that is circulated throughout the U.S. and contains articles that pertain to the academic discipline or profession of the journal.
Unfortunately the Department of Labor will not provide a list of acceptable national professional journals. Based on experience, we do know that The Chronicle of Higher Education is considered acceptable.
Association newsletters that only contain member updates and job postings and career websites that only list job postings (such as higheredjobs.com) are not being accepted.
Alternative proof of this requirement would be a letter or statement from the journal confirming that the ad ran for 30 calendar days, the exact date it ran and a copy of the text of the advertisement.
In this case you must provide a dated printout of the ad from the website showing the 1st and the 30th day that it ran.
If recruitment for faculty was done without using either the print or electronic version of a national professional journal and a foreign national is hired in the position, then sponsorship of permanent residency will be delayed until new recruitment for the position is done in an appropriate journal.