EAT (Experience American Tastes) Program



The EAT Program is a cross-cultural initiative in which GSU faculty and staff are invited to host groups of international students and scholars in their homes to share a “traditional” American meal and get to know one another. Research indicates that international students and scholars rarely get the opportunity to experience the inside of an American home during their studies and research. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all of the hosts who helped make the the Spring and Fall 2017 EAT Program a success! In the future, we hope to match even more students and scholars, in order to show our support for our international community on-campus and contribute to a positive U.S. experience for them.

The next EAT Program is currently being planned for Fall 2018. Further details will be announced at that time.



“So much fun! The students were very appreciative, and we had a very good time. Really, the food was sort of secondary, with the camaraderie primary!”

“It was great to have a personal experience with a group of bright, enthusiastic graduate students. This is a great event!”

“It was a lovely, wonderful, and satisfying experience for everyone. It was the first time the students had been in an American home!”

“We had an amazing time!”

Please click HERE for some ideas regarding possible menu options (for hosts).

If you have questions about the EAT Program, please contact Allie Seay at