International Spring Festival

What is International Spring Festival?

Each Spring, the International Students Association Council coordinates the International Spring Festival, a week of events produced by various student groups on campus.  International students and their local counterparts seek to promote culture and diversity through various cultural events, such as a fashion show, dance show, flag parade, international pageant, and tabled events.

How do we celebrate International Spring Festival during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We strive and continue to celebrate diverse cultures and promote social networking and engagement during these challenging times. In 2020, we celebrated International Spring Festival fully online. Click here to rewatch last year’s International Spring Festival.

This year, we will be providing a mix of virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. All the International Spring Festival events are free and open to the entire Georgia State community.

When will 2021 International Spring Festival happen?

The 2021 International Spring Festival will take place from Monday, March 29 to Saturday, April 3. At least one event will be held each day during this week. See below for upcoming events.

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International Spring Festival 2021

Passport to the World

March 29, 2021 – April 2, 2021

Enjoy your week-long cultural journey with ISAC!

Click here to download a full passport. Follow the instructions on your passport to collect stamps and redeem a Spring Festival gift! Your Spring Festival gift is ready for pick up at ISSS Map Room (248 Sparks Hall) on the following dates:

  • 12-2pm, Monday, April 5
  • 12-2pm, Wednesday, April 7


Monday @12-2pm, March 29, 2021

Holi Paint Party    

Sponsored by: Multicultural Center, Indian Cultural Exchange (ICE), Nepali Student Association (NepSA)

Location: Student Center East Ballroom, RSVP on PIN

Holi is a Hindu festival that has been celebrated since ancient times. The Holi festival is celebrated as a way to welcome in spring, and also is seen as a new beginning where people can release all the inhibitions and start fresh.





Monday@4-5pm, March 29, 2021

Culture Talks  

Sponsored by: AMIS

Location: Zoom, register here

What cultural differences have you noticed between American culture and your home culture?  What surprised you about living in the US? What aspects of American culture do you enjoy?  Join AMIS for an interactive panel discussion on “Communicating Across Cultures” and explore the differences and similarities between American and global cultures and receive tips for thriving in a cross-cultural environment. Learn more about this event here.

AMIS is the French word for “friends” and is a nonprofit organization that welcomes international students and scholars and connects them to local friends in the greater Atlanta area. Learn more at



Tuesday @11-2pm, March 30, 2021

Coffee & Chill: Buna Time

Sponsored by: Ethiopian Eritrean Student Association (EESA)

Location: Student Center East, RSVP on PIN

This event showcases the traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean coffee ceremony tradition which is central to everyday life in both countries, where coffee is drank three times a day. 







Tuesday @3-4:30pm, March 30, 2021 

International Student Meet and Greet

Sponsored by: Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) at GSU

Location: 125 Edgewood Avenue, at the edge of Edgewood and Courtland, RSVP on PIN or via here

Meet with your international friends in a mask required and social distancing environment! Come over to hang out with everyone on Tuesday afternoon and pick up a goodie bag from BCM!






Tuesday @5pm, March 30, 2021 & Wednesday @5pm, March 31, 2021

Food Wars: LASA x VSA 

Sponsored by Latin American Student Association (LASA), Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

Location: Stream on IGTV (lasa.gsu), join on PIN

This event allows us to feature our cultures cuisine. We will showcase dishes and open our series to the public by allowing them to participate to showing their culture. There will be two main videos showing a battle between two dishes and we will have the viewers decide on who is the winner of the challenge.





Tuesday @5:30-6:30pm, March 30, 2021 

Financial Resources Workshop

Sponsored by International Student Ambassadors (ISA)

Location: Register here

Discover tools to help you finance your college life!




Wednesday @1-3pm, March 31, 2021 

International Student Job Search Workshop

Sponsored by: International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS), University Career Services

Location: Online, join on PIN

The workshop is to educate international students on United States job searching customs, processes, and introduction to legal matters. We will also discuss H-1B and permanent residency.





Wednesday @3-3:45pm, March 31, 2021

Sri Lankan New Year Celebration

Sponsored by: Sri Lankan Student Association (SlaSA)

Location: Virtual, join on PIN

Join us for a brief look of how New Year is celebrated in Sri Lanka!






Thursday @3-4pm, April 1, 2021 

Healing Meditation Workshop

Sponsored by: The Test & Counseling Center

Location: Online, RSVP and join on PIN

What to expect from this workshop:
Honor your feelings
Allow space for you and others
Let go of judgement
Take care of yourself 
Reach out for support





Thursday @8-10pm, April 1, 2021

Drive-in Movie Night 

Sponsored by: Vietnamese Student Association (VSA), Multicultural Center

Location: GSU Green Lot, RSVP on PIN

We are showing a famous asian film Crazy Rich Asians to showcase the different culture in honor of International Spring Festival and APIDA Heritage Month.





Friday @11-1pm, April 2, 2021

US Educational Support & Resources 

Sponsored by International Student Ambassadors (ISA)

Location: Register here




Friday @3pm, April 2, 2021

Flag Parade

Sponsored by: ISAC

Location: Stream on IGTV (isac_gsu), join on PIN

Do you know how many countries our international students are representing? Join the flag parade on IGTV to learn more and showcase the diversity!






Friday @5-6:30pm, April 2, 2021

Let’s Have a Tour in my Country

Sponsored by: Fulbright Student Association (FSA)

Location: Join on PIN



Questions? Please contact ISAC at