Transfer to Georgia State University

International students may transfer between different institutions. Transfer of your SEVIS record (for those with an F or J visa) follows transfer of your academic records.  To transfer, maintain communication with your current and future school. Only your transfer-out school can access and take action on your SEVIS record until it is transferred to the new school.

International Transfer-In Process:

  1. After you have been academically admitted to Georgia State University and complete the Admissions process in iStart, you can request transfer of your SEVIS record to GSU. An International Admission (IA) Hold is placed on your account until the new I-20 from Georgia State is issued.
  2. Students must request a transfer of their SEVIS record by logging into iStart and providing the name and email of your current immigration advisor. Your current advisor will release your SEVIS record to GSU. GSU campus code: ATL214F00107000.
  3. The immigration advisor will set a release date for your SEVIS record before the 1st class day at Georgia State. If you are traveling outside the U.S. during this process, you must obtain a “Transfer Pending” I-20 or DS-2019 from Georgia State before your departure. Otherwise, you will encounter problems re-entering the U.S. at the port of entry (border).
  4. The IA hold will be removed once your SEVIS record has been successfully transferred to GSU. This completes the Verification of Lawful Presence (VOLP) for transfer students. No additional form or process is necessary to satisfy VOLP.
  5. Then, only GSU will have access to your SEVIS record for updates and reprints.

Important Transfer Time Considerations

  1. Transfer AFTER Completion of Studies (Graduation) or OPT Period: You can only transfer your F-1 status if you are lawfully present / in legal status. You have a 60-day grace period after completion of studies or OPT to fully complete the transfer process. The 60-day period begins the day after finals in your current program, or the day after your EAD (OPT) card expires. You must begin classes at the new school in the next possible semester and within 5 months of completion at the old school or the expiration of the OPT.
  2. Transferring BEFORE Completion of Studies: To transfer during a degree program, the student must maintain status during the transfer process. The circumstances for each student may differ.  For this reason, the student should consult their immigration advisor to determine the transfer timeline within regulations. In every case, the student must be enrolled at the new school within 5 months of the last day of attendance at their previous school.

International Transfer-Out Process:

If you are a current Georgia State Student, and you wish to transfer to another school, please see >> this link <<