Placement Tests

Placement tests for Math and English, if required, are part of International Orientation events.

Graduate Students

  • What: GSTEP (Georgia State Test of English Proficiency) is required for many graduate students by their academic departments even if the student has already been academically accepted.
  • Purpose: to evaluate the English proficiency of current or prospective GSU students.
  • When: Testing occurs during International Student Orientation.
  • Website: Georgia State Test of English Proficiency .
  • ISSS has no control over this test policy, your test outcomes, or further ESL requirements.

Who Administers GSTEP?

How do I know if I have to take GSTEP?

  • New international graduate students should contact their academic department to find out if the Orientation GSTEP is required.

Undergraduate Students

  • What: (Optional) Math Skills Placement Exam
  • Purpose: This exam provides a way for New Freshman and Transfer undergraduate students to skip introductory Mathematics courses if they wish to enroll into higher level math courses for which this test qualifies them.
  • When: Provided as part of International Student Orientation.  Please review the Orientation Schedule for the specific date and time.
  • Website: For more information: see the Counseling and Testing Center website 
  • Reminder: Undergraduate students SHOULD NOT REGISTER FOR NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION (INCEPT), which is a new student orientation program for U.S. domestic students that required payment.