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Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP)

All international students and exchange visitors at Georgia State University are automatically billed for the university’s student health insurance plan (SHIP) provided by United Health Care, Inc. You may wish to apply for a waiver of this coverage if you have adequate health insurance from another sources.

Please Note:

  • Waiver request deadlines are very strict each Fall and Spring semester. Summer is included in the Spring coverage period.
  • Waivers must be renewed each semester and are not approved automatically.
  • Waiver requests must meet certain health care requirements to be approved.
  • Always pay your SHIP charges by the fee payment deadline even if you have requested a waiver. If the waiver is then approved, your SHIP charges will be refunded.
  • Failure to pay all fees including SHIP charges by the fee payment deadline will cause your classes to be dropped automatically. This puts your immigration status at risk.
  • For more details, please >> click here.

Student Health Clinic

Students occasionally need routine, basic health care that does not require use of health insurance,  a private doctor, or a hospital.  The GSU Student Health Clinic exists for this purpose.  Please review the video below to learn more or visit the Student Health Clinic website.

Student Wellness

Wellness is more than just physical health. It includes emotional, psychological, and lifestyle health too – your total being. By maintaining all aspects of wellness you can significantly improve your potential for success in classes and in life. Please review the video below to learn more, or visit the Counseling and Testing Center website.