Review Housing Options & Meal Plans

One of the most important steps to arrange before arriving in the U.S. is where you will live: Housing.  Georgia State University does not guarantee housing for all students as there is a limited supply of on-campus housing. However, Atlanta has abundant, affordable housing off-campus too!

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing is ONLY available through University Housing.  On-campus housing is convenient, cost effective, safe, and simple to reserve.  However, space is very limited.

Apply for housing as soon as possible in order to secure the kind of housing arrangements you desire, i.e. number of rooms, amenities, location, etc.  You can find more information about on-campus housing and start the housing application at the University Housing website.

After applying for housing, you will be assigned to the wait-list.  This does not guarantee you a room.  You must recieve a rooming confirmation for guarantee of a room.  All questions about on-campus housing should be emailed to University Housing at

Click here for more information about Living On-Campus.

The Global Living Learning Community (or GLLC) is an on campus living experience especially designed for:

  • International Students
  • Students with Global Studies or Language Majors
  • Participants in the Study Abroad Program
  • Students who love to travel and learn about other cultures around the world

The GLLC offers special programs, social activities, and interactions through which residents can make friends with people from all over the world while learning about their cultures. The challenges, joys, and opportunities of becoming a global citizen are explored and celebrated. Join in on the adventure!

The GLLC is currently located on Floor 12 of the University Lofts.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then APPLY TODAY!

The University has a new dining service and has developed a new meal program. For more information visit Meal Plans.

Residents living in Patton Hall and Piedmont North are required to have the meal plan offered through PantherDining. Although required, the meal plan is priced separately from the housing costs. The dining centers located in Patton Hall and Piedmont North are all you care to eat style dining facilities. Residents of Patton Hall and Piedmont North receive unlimited access to the Dining Halls during operational hours.

Off-Campus Housing

Georgia State University has an Off-Campus Housing website you may use to assist in your off-campus housing search. You are required to log-in to this tool with your GSU Campus ID.

When looking for housing options, consider the following.

Will it be:

  • in a safe neighborhood?
  • near public transportation?
  • near campus?
  • near a supermarket?
  • convenient for other needs you may have?

More information and items to consider are provided in the International Student Handbook.