GSU-Sponsored Employment Based Visa Statuses (H-1B, TN, O-1)

Employment-based visas are statuses where an individual is granted the ability to work.  Unlike status benefits like OPT (or any EAD card) you are limited to working solely for the employer who sponsors you.  Georgia State only sponsors certain positions for an employment-based visa, such as teaching faculty and researchers, and some specialized staff positions.

The majority of employment-based visas filed by GSU fall under the H-1B visa category.  The definition of an H-1B is a “temporary worker in a specialty occupation”.  “Specialty” is key to understanding the basis for the types of positions that GSU will sponsor as we cannot sponsor those for whom a bachelors degree is not required. In general, faculty and researchers are eligible for H-1B sponsorship.  See the below link for a list of non-faculty/researcher titles that may also be sponsored:

Non-faculty/researcher staff positions Eligible for H-1B Sponsorship

Other types include the TN visa status (for citizens of Mexico or Canada only), the E-3 status (for citizens of Australia) or the O-1 status, for those with extraordinary ability (These visas have an extremely high set of requirements and most teaching faculty and researchers do NOT meet them.)

If you are a Georgia State employee (or prospective one) on an employment-based visa status sponsored by the university, please refer to the H-1B Scholar FAQ for questions.

Our Assistant Director for Scholar Services, Drew Webster, is available to answer any further questions for Georgia State sponsored employees. He can be reached by email at or by phone at 404-413-2070.